All Natural

Wheat & Grain Free

No soy or oils

No preservatives

Feed your Dog What you Would Feed your Children

Dog treat bakers spend so much time choosing high quality & healthy ingredients for their treats, sometimes they overlook what they use “on top” of their treats.

At Pastries 4 Pets we only offer the highest quality ingredients so you do not need to worry about what you put on top of your healthy treats, we got you covered in all natural goodness!

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All Natural
Food Coloring
& Sprinkles

Looking for all natural, sugar free sprinkles that do not disintegrate on your dog treats or cakes? Sprinkles 4 Pets has you sparkled!

At Pastries 4 Pets we know that finding all natural food color that does not fade easily can be challenging. We are proud to offer specially formulated shades of food colors that blend perfectly in our icings & frostings. The best part? They are ALL safe for dogs AND are approved by State regulations, we got you colored!

Other Products Available

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